Keynote Presentations

Preston knows you have a responsibility to make your event a success and follows through on his promise to inspire and entertain.  


Make Music, Not Noise

Sometimes life feels like sweet music, sometimes it feels like chaotic noise.

When a group works together, relationships can lead to friendship, empathy -and bottom line - less bullying.                                   

Students will walk away being able to:

-Understand from another's perspective.

-Effectively communicate an idea and feel  confident that they are being heard.

-Separate what others think of them from  the reality of their individual worth.


Next Level Leadership

Everyone is born with the capacity to lead. Preston uses a musical experience heavy on audience interaction to help people realize this within themselves.

To "believe in yourself" means that you have value to contribute, and your goals are worth accomplishing.  The audience will learn to become dynamic, powerful leaders in a fun and extremely memorable way.

Attendees WILL WALK AWAY Understanding:

-Powerful leaders listen with intention

-Leaders willingly accept feedback and adjust  to changing demands

-Leaders have a specific goal,  and are able to inspire their  team to work together.